Vogue’s Web Traffic Has Increased 600 Percent Since Last Year

It’s been less than a year since Vogue gave its ailing website a very extensive overhaul, but all that redesigning is already paying off. And we’re not talking a lower bounce rate or a decent uptick in unique visitors. We’re talking about a very different kind of animal altogether.

And that’s because we don’t know what else to call this phenomenon. Business Insider reports that Vogue‘s pageviews have increased some 600 percent (six effing hundred percent!) to 42 million per month. And the weird thing is, the website only reports 1.2 million unique visitors per month, according to Business Insider. That means, on average, everyone who visits Vogue.com looks at about 30 different pages.

Which isn’t hard to imagine, given the site’s propensity for making far-reaching and glamorous slideshows of celebrities, things it thinks you should buy, and even its own employees. The perseverance to click through just a third of the 100 things under $100 you simply must have to survive fall is not something everyone has. But somehow, everyone who reads Vogue.com does.

And, well, we guess that means that Anna Wintour really did deserve that Webby award she took home earlier this year. Because while Vogue might be a gigantic brand, there are a lot of great brands that don’t understand how to make an impact online, and these numbers mean she does. Or at least her online editor Caroline Palmer does. And for having the foresight to hire her, we’ve got to give Wintour a pat on the back. And a cookie. Or maybe not.

[Business Insider]

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