Wall Street Journal Uses Horribly Wrong Photos In Giles Runway Review

Bloggers take a lot of flak for not being practitioners of “real journalism,” but at least we’ve never reported that photos from a charity event were actually snapped at a major designer runway show. And that’s exactly what The Wall Street Journal, that old bastion of journalistic integrity, did just last night.

WSJ reporter Beth Schepens wrote a post called “High Drama At Giles Deacon” that went up at 6:15 pm on Sept. 19 — just as we were packing up the office Monday evening. Schepens wrote that the designer showed “a just-so tailored white suit topped with a swan hat and feather mask that was not unlike a certain Björk dress.” And he did! But whoever produced Schepens’ post (by this we the person who actually formatted it for the Internet), must not have seen this show, because the photos in the post are nearly six months old. All the ballerinas jumping around did not do so on behalf of the recently ousted Ungaro creative director — they were jumping to raise money for the English National Ballet. On May 19. Embarrassing, much?

What makes this gaffe even worse is that only one of the ballerinas in question is actually wearing Giles — do you see the brown a-line dress on the lady standing fourth from the left? Yep. That’s the only piece of Giles in the entire picture.

We understand that fashion reporting might not be the Journal‘s big moneymaker, but the paper didn’t get where it is today by careless reporting. The post credits Getty Images with taking the photos, and anyone with a Getty account can see clearly that the photos were taken in May. The image description alone mentions that fact no less than three times. Also, the lack of a Björk swan hat probably should have been a big hint that this was the wrong set of pictures.

Take a look at the the post (we took a screenshot in case the Journal takes it down) and what the Giles show actually looked like, below.

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