WATCH: America’s Next Top Model Hopeful Has Breakdown During Judging

After a lengthy streak of flavorless episodes, the succulent drama we love so much has finally been poured back into America’s Next Top Model. Blame Kelly Cutrone, blame the British Invasion, blame the decorum of last season’s all-stars, but there’s no question the show has come full circle from blah to outright bitchy. And we’re loving every second of it.

This week’s episode was a particular powder keg, with the girls first being tested in the art of foreign gourmet, and later subjected to elaborate “shakeovers,” (a.k.a. Tyra makeovers) including red, white, and blue hair and an “A-N-T-M” fade that would make Kid ‘n’ Play proud. Clearly, that would shake the pretty little core of just about any Top Model hopeful but for one, it sent her straight over the edge.

Watch how Tyra tries to enforce her signature “Mama knows best” attitude to an obviously unraveling British contestant, Louise. What happens next is nothing less than reality TV gold. And for the record: we didn’t think her haircut looked that bad.



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