WATCH: Bar Refaeli Talks GoDaddy’s Last Minute Switch

When Bar Refaeli showed up on set, ready to lip lock with a geek for GoDaddy’s Super Bowl 2013 commercial, she thought she’d be making out with a very different guy. The spot’s producers had sent her an image of her potential costar a few days prior, as Refaeli told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last night, and she described him as a “cute,” if fairly unassuming, “not very cool guy”.

But actor Jesse Heiman ultimately nabbed the (likely much-coveted) role in lieu of the company’s original choice. And Bar was more than a little surprised:

I arrive on set and my agent comes running in the trailer and says, ‘It’s not the guy you’ve seen in the draft! It’s not him! And actually I took a photo of him… in craft services.’

Heiman was apparently pretty nervous — not that we blame him — but there’s no way to break down barriers with a supermodel quite like a (reportedly) 12-hour make out sesh. Refaeli says that Danica Patrick, the race car driver and GoDaddy spokesperson who also appeared in the commercial, repeatedly expressed her horror at the sloppy kissing sounds the two were making. Which were exacerbated to deafening heights in post-production, so yes, we noticed them too.


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