WATCH: Coco Rocha Tries Google Glass

According to Tumblr, Google Glass is merely a toy for old, nerdy white guys in Silicon Valley. But in her new role as contributing editor of PC Mag, Coco Rocha got to test a prototype of the infamous eye-wear. The verdict? She was not impressed.

Rocha wasn’t shy about expressing her dislike, and her straightforward criticisms are hard to disagree with. For obvious starters, she hated that it made her look like (in her words) “Geordi from Star Trek or a Terminator.” She thinks Glass’s ugliness makes its wearability limited and complained that she was disappointed by just how tiny the screen is. Also, like most of us with iPhones, she felt awkward doing voice commands.

But the model didn’t fail to offer alternatives.

“I think the main problem with most examples of ‘wearable tech’ is that the emphasis is overwhelmingly put on the tech rather than it being truly wearable.”

Rocha says she’d like to see more advancements in the realm of “smartwatches” and thinks Google Glass would be wise to offer contacts instead.

Watch Rocha hate on Google Glass (while adorably trying to remain tactful) in the video below, and read her full article on PC Mag.

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[PC Mag]

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