WATCH: CollegeHumor Academics Explain the History and Mystery of the Thigh Gap


Since its meteoric rise to Tumblr fame, the thigh gap has generated quite the stir, particularly in the glasses of women who have committed themselves to bikini season juice fasts since if they don’t have briny oceanic breezes whistling through their legs they’ll never be able to lock down a beau. This was the gap that launch’d a thousand thinspo blogs and now, as always, the questions have come. What is thigh gap, really? Has anyone seen thigh gap in its natural habitat? Did thigh gaps contribute to the polar vortex? Has thigh gap changed since it was spotted hanging with BeyoncĂ© on vacation? Is thigh gap more than just the empty space directly underneath my cuchara and above my knees? No, no, it’s not. That’s exactly what thigh gap is and boy do I not have it at all!

In the below video, University of Douchester academics gather to answer our most pressing thigh gap questions and finally reveal its purpose.

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