WATCH: Jean Paul Gaultier’s Second Bizarre Commerical For Diet Coke

Here’s a tasty little tidbit to kick off your Saturday night. In the latest installment of Jean Paul Gaultier’s weirdo video series (as part his new role as the Creative Director at Diet Coke), JPG once again stars as himself as “The Serial Designer”. This alter-ego character — who spends his time coming up with solutions for clueless, fashion faux-pas puppets —encounters a saucy marionette named Bernadette in this episode. Bernadette has a reoccuring nightmares that she’s too hungover to go to a job interview (as puppets often do) and recruits JPG for his help.

The Serial Designer comes to her rescue by appearing in her dream and giving her a killer interview outfit in the form of a striped Gaultier dress (complete with an overtly awkward moment where we think he may actually undress the puppet, but thankfully doesn’t) and sends her off to conquer her dreams. In the end,  Bernadette recounts her dream to her shrink (also Gaultier) who nods patiently but looks at her like she’s the crazy one. How this all leads up to Diet Coke is anyone’s guess, but it makes for darn good watching.

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