WATCH: Tavi Gevinson Made Jimmy Fallon Cry Last Night


Tavi Gevinson brought her brand of “I’m still a normal girl” to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night, where she said going back to school to graduate was just like that Greenday song “Time Of Your Life.” You know when there’s a memory montage flashing before your eyes of your own life? Well, when Jimmy Fallon has moments like that it’s actually Tavi’s life he sees. “Something unpredictable, and in the end it’s right,” Fallon sang tilting his head to fight back tears because his little girl was all grown up. He looked at her with the paternal pride of a dad who sees his daughter’s special talent is hula hooping for the first time. When he presented her New York magazine cover, it was like he was showing strangers a picture of her first bath. “I got to say this cover is just gorgeous. Look at this. Come on. You just look beautiful there.”

She was there to promote the Rookie book and her play This Is Our Youth, which is set in the ’80s. Did Tavi and her adorkable wannabe dad have anything in common? Despite the fact that she didn’t know what the ’80s were, they still bonded over their love of Mario Kart. See this series of Kodak moments for yourself here.

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