Watch Leandra Medine and Her Husband Talk Love, Fashion, and Fungus

"Gosh he’ll do this for me and still want to procreate?"

"Gosh he’ll do this for me and still want to procreate?"

Leandra Medine and Abie CohenExtreme gushy romance makes me uncomfortable. I literally cringed throughout the entire screening of Endless Love this week, so I really appreciate it when couples keep it real. No one does this better than Leandra Medine. The Man Repeller has given us the most adorable Valentine’s Day present ever — a hilarious video of her chatting with her husband about love, fashion, and fungus.

The When Harry Met Sally style video opens up with the two lounging in a messy bed. Leandra asks her husband, Abie Cohen, if he likes Valentine’s Day. He tentatively looks at and then away from the camera, probably wondering why he agreed to this. Abie thinks the Hallmark holiday “feels forced.” Leandra agrees, and then he calls her out for canceling on him two V-Days in a row. She ups the anti by calling him out for making a reservation at a restaurant that he used to take his ex-girlfriend.

They then start chatting about when they knew they loved one another. Abie says it was when they got back together, and Leandra then shills out the truest statement regarding real love that I have ever heard:

“Whoah I didn’t know I loved you till about a week ago,” she jokes. “No seriously I figured it out when you were putting that cream on my back for my fungus, and I was like ‘Gosh he’ll do this for me and still want to procreate.’ That’s how I know it’s real.”

Abie is at his funniest when he starts talking about Leandra’s man-repelling looks:

“I don’t like the boyfriend jeans with stiletto heel. I hate that look. I don’t even know if you wear that.”

Girls, stick to skinnies tomorrow and watch the rest of the video because it is seriously worth your time.

[Man Repeller]

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