WATCH: Zosia Mamet Tells Fallon About Her Worst Hangover

Mamet, right, with show creator Lena Dunham

HBO Girls’ resident lovable weirdo Zosia Mamet birthday partied with Jimmy Fallon last night, and told the host about her battle with a bout of pneumonia a few years back — and the subsequent self-medication that has erased her first table read of the show’s script from her memory.

“The night before I was like, I gotta sleep, I can’t f— this up,” she said (with Fallon noticeably wincing at the expletive). “I took a full serving of cough syrup — I had a terrible cough — and NyQuil. I’m still hungover. That was like three years ago.” Mamet went on to say that blacked out the entire reading, and remembers vaguely shaking producer Judd Apatow‘s hand, but that’s about it.

Lucky for us, she obviously nailed it, and consequently Shoshanna is enjoying a happy second season not missing her virginity at all. Watch the full clip below… And happy birthday, Shosh!


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