Kate And William Are Watching The Soccer Game With The Beckhams Today

Today in Things That Are Weird: wax recreations of Kate Middleton and Prince William are hanging out in front of a TV set with wax recreations of Victoria and David Beckham to watch today’s soccer game between England and Italy. Wax Prime Minister David Cameron is also present, sans wife Samantha.

London’s Madame Tussaud‘s wax museum has brought the five wax figures together and dressed them up in full patriotic regalia (ok, just some scarves and hats) to cheer for England’s Euro Cup soccer team in the quarter final match today. Clearly they are not wont to change their outfits, however, since Kate is still sporting her Issa engagement dress and oddly is the only figure not showing some team spirit. Maybe they figure the blue dress is enough? Someone get her a giant foam #1 hand or something!

Oh, and in case you aren’t keeping up on your soccer, David Beckham is not in fact playing for his home country this time around, hence the less-than-athletic attire.

[Huffington P0st]

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