10 Important Things We Learned Last Week: June 12-18

1. The Brits love their hats! Royal Ascot hats are especially awesome, as are birthday hats and Garter Day hats.

2. Lanvin kids are the cutest kids. We also enjoy kids trying to explain Lady Gaga.

3. Carolina Herrera is designing Bella Swan‘s Twilight wedding dress. Relatedly, Blake Lively wore Chanel bridal couture to a movie premiere.

4. The WTForever 21 blogger is standing up to Forever 21. You go, girl!

5. Elle Fanning likes dressing up for Bat Mitzvahs. She also enjoys wearing straight-off-the-runway looks on the red carpet.

6. Kate and Prince William will stay in a super swanky suite when they come to California, and Kate’s hairdresser will accompany them on the trip. Is it any surprise Vanity Fair bumped Justin Timberlake for the royal couple? Oh, and Pippa modeled in college.

7. Anna Wintour‘s 5-word Webby acceptance speech was hilarious, but even she couldn’t get her web editors good seats at fashion shows back in the day.

8. Lady Gaga‘s “Edge of Glory” video is pretty awful. At least she tried performing bald? Also, her meat dress is going on display.

9. There’s a fair amount of controversy brewing! Yoplait got in trouble for a potentially eating disorder-glorifying ad, while Completely Bare is facing a racial discrimination suit.

10. Emma Watson‘s Vogue cover is beautiful, though it has us lusting for fall.

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Dan Abrams, Founder