10 Important Things We Learned Last Week: October 16-22

1. Zombie Boy put on a lot of makeup in what might be the world’s best concealer commercial. Meanwhile, Little Miss Eden Wood from Toddlers and Tiaras finally took her makeup off.

2. Carla Bruni had a baby girl! And she named her, too! Mazel tov!

3. Muammar Gaddafi was wearing a wig when he died. We repeat: Muammar Gaddafi was wearing a wig when he died.

4. Miss Piggy got styled by some of the best designers of the moment for InStyle, then had her makeup professionally done by the people at MAC. Also she has a new movie coming out, so, you know, start being jealous.

5. Lindsay Lohan skipped a probation appointment to get her teeth fixed, and when she showed up to court, she was wearing some seriously crazyface bronzer.

6. Here’s what you need to know about Versace for H&M: The women’s and home stuff is pretty cool! The men’s stuff might just induce epileptic shock.

7. Calvin Klein says Ralph Lauren dressed in a “peculiar way” when he was a kid. Klein also dressed basically everyone who went to Elle‘s Women In Hollywood party.

8. Vera Wang got yelled at on Twitter for not letting a soap opera use her wedding dresses. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton‘s famous wedding dress didn’t have a huge impact on the bridal industry.

9. Another online store wrote a product description for a t-shirt suggesting women can’t do math. Everyone got mad, but no one got madder than the people at The Tetris Company. Yes. The Tetris Company.

10. What’s on the Christmas Wish List for the 1%? $19,000 solid gold shoelaces and a $75,000 yurt. Also, Hipster Cop, the star of Occupy Wall Street, thinks the 99% can afford Burberry, which is just not true.

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