Weird Al Hunted Iggy Azalea Down So He Could Parody ‘Fancy’


Nathan Fielder didn’t ask the woman with the tentacles in the Starbucks logo if it would be cool to rip off those frappes, but Weird Al Yankovic, that guy is courteous.

His parody of Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy,’ ‘Handy,’ almost didn’t happen. According to the Australian Sun Herald, Iggy Azalea’s management was ignoring Al’s calls about his idea for a sendup of the song of summer for his album Mandatory Fun, so he finally just found her tour schedule. Luckily, the saver of lost birds wasn’t speeding down the fast lane from L.A. to Tokyo, because that’s not on a real map. (You already know.) He made it his business to find her concert in Denver without advance notice to try to score her blessing. When he talked to her backstage, she was cool with it, but may not have known who he was.

“I didn’t really preface my conversation with who I am but she was certainly very nice and friendly,” Yankovic told the Sun. “Although she did have the deer in the headlights look at first.”

Without his intrepid quest, we wouldn’t have this.


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