PHOTOS: The 5 Best Dressed Protests In American History

Yes, yes, we just gave the Occupy Wall Street protesters a little bit of a ribbing for dressing down on the march — but it’s not because we’re necessarily against what they’re doing or what they’re trying to say. We really are concerned that this is the worst dressed showing of political malcontent in American history, especially when you consider that most American protests have been more chic than Paris Fashion Week.

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No, really — consider the well-dressed Civil Rights Movement and its policy of non-violent aggression, or the natty Vietnam War protests of the late 60s and 70s. Throughout our history, angry citizens have taken to the streets to make their voices heard, and they’ve done so in coats and ties, white gloves and yard after yard of silk.

We get that the most important thing behind a protest is the feeling behind it, but hey, we are fashion people. And a little flair for presentation never hurt anyone, did it? The protests below were all by and large successful, and we have no choice to believe that being well dressed was part of what helped the demonstrators in them achieve their goals.

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