Whitney Port On Concealer, Her New Book & Great Advice

We’ve always had a soft spot for Whitney Port, the reality television star whose level-headedness and work ethic kept us tuning in long after our suspension of disbelief wore off, which is why we jumped at the chance to not only interview her, but give away five copies of her debut book, True Whit, to some of our dedicated readers.

Port spoke to us from Los Angeles on Friday, where she was putting the final touches on her fall collection. While we missed her at New York Fashion Week, Port assured us that she hadn’t closed up shop, she was just taking her line to Coterie, the New York-based trade show that opened yesterday. “Having a fashion show is obviously really pricey,” she told us. “And with the book coming out, I felt like I just didn’t need to do a show this time around.” (Case in point: Marc Jacobs).

As for the book, True Whit is both a peekaboo glimpse into Port’s sunny and somewhat charmed life, as well as a thoughtfully rendered and accessibly illustrated how-to advice tome. Categories include home decor (Home Sweet Home), career (Working Girl), health and exercise (Let’s Get Physical), beauty (Hello, Gorgeous!), and the fashion industry (Designing Woman), and each section is peppered with anecdotes from Port’s personal life — as well as the life we watched (and loved) on The Hills and The City. Port says she was inspired to write the book after noticing how many fans were submitting questions to her website.

“I was getting tons of questions from girls all over the world about a variety of different things. So I thought, why not put it in a book and answer all these questions so everyone could have a piece of it? And I thought it was really fun to make it a picture book so people could see in living color all my experiences and to make it a fun, easy read.”

But the most interesting aspects of the book are when she takes the reader inside the world of reality television. The career section is peppered with anecdotes about working with a frenemy and she name checks Olivia Palermo regularly. Her makeup advice is more credible than any magazine’s — it’s coming from a girl who had to do her own for an MTV-produced television show. That said, we didn’t quite buy the fact that her five-step face skipped concealer — until she explained it to us.

“I always feel like the more makeup you put under your eyes the worse it looks because it just cakes on and draws more attention to it. So I just use a lot of eye cream and then if I need to, I just put a little bit of concealer in the inner corners, like where the dark circles actually live. But other than that I try not to cake it on.”

But overall, True Whit is a book about advice, which is why we couldn’t help but ask her to share the best piece she’s ever received, which came, unsurprisingly from Kelly Cutrone. “She told me I cannot be afraid of failure, because if I never take any chances, then I’m always going to be average. And that I don’t want to be average.”

But the cherry on top of our interview sundae was how Port won us over by putting us on hold. “Can you hold on one second,” she asked us politely. “My dad continues to call me! I’m so sorry.” Reality stars: they’re just like us.

We’re giving away five copies of True Whit to our lucky readers. Enter now for your chance to win!

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