Was This Superbowl Commercial Tossed Due To A Plus-Sized Model?

We know the fashion industry still has a lot of hangups when it comes to working with plus-size models, but we never expected that would be the case for TV. An advertisement for America’s Next Top Model Alum Whitney Thompson‘s new dating site was rejected for a slot during the Superbowl, and Thompson thinks that’s because her site caters to plus-sized women. But NBC, which will air the Superbowl, says that’s not the reason at all.

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Representatives for NBC told our friends at The Huffington Post that the commercial for TheBigAndTheBeautiful.com was never actually rejected, but instead it couldn’t be run because the people who submitted it didn’t include the appropriate paperwork. Bureaucracy, right? But the Thompson’s reps said differently in a press release, claiming they’d gotten a letter from NBC saying that the ad would have to be “reworked completely for our air.”

At first we thought that might be because it was raunchy (you see a little backside and the dudes in the commercial are basically trolling the Internet for sexually inexperienced women), but that’s nothing compared to some of the things you see on modern soap operas. So what actually gives? Take a look at the commercial below and tell us why you think NBC wouldn’t air it.

[The Huffington Post]

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