5 Reasons We (Selfishly) Want Lena Dunham to Cover Vogue

lena dunham vogue cover

The verdict on whether or not Lena Dunham will cover Vogue is still in limbo, with many torn as to what she should do if she receives the coveted invitation from Anna Wintour. Before today, we counted ourselves among those undecided, but after reading a reporter’s reasoning as to why she shouldn’t for the New York Post, it got us thinking about all the selfish reasons we want her to. Don’t get us wrong, we actually agree with all of the arguments about why she shouldn’t. Basically, it comes down to the fact that we would want to experience what would surely be a fascinating aftermath (complete with hilarious Dunham tweets, of course). Here are our five reasons why:

1. It Will Inevitably Hone in On Vogue’s Heavy-Handed Photoshop Problem
Take one long, hard look at Kate Winslet’s Vogue cover, and for that matter, all of this year’s depressing covers. Then, try and convince us that Vogue isn’t going to take Lena Dunham and do the exactly the same thing. While it wouldn’t be something to celebrate, perhaps it would shed more light on the industry-wide retouching issue — especially when it comes to girls that aren’t conventionally pretty.

2. The Profile Will be All About Dunham’s Body, Yet It Will Likely Be Cropped Out of the Cover
“Fashion magazines can and do pay lip service to what they call ‘real bodies,’ but they exoticize those bodies by making any instance of their appearance the entire story,” Dr. Jingsi Christina Wu, assistant professor of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations at Hofstra University told the New York Post. “Serena Williams has been on Vogue’s cover, as has Jennifer Hudson; Adele was on the cover of British Vogue — where the photo was cropped to show mostly her face.”
If this prediction is correct, and Dunham’s body were to be artfully concealed, then subsequently the focal point of her entire interview, it would no doubt ignite controversy. As a feminist, how could Dunham let that happen?

3. Terry Richardson Might Shoot the Cover and Spread
Considering that Dunham has become good friends with Terry Richardson (his girlfriend, Audrey Gelman, is her best friend), and that Vogue is having an awful cover streak, we could seeing Wintour tapping the photographer for her cover. While we don’t want to be the ones condoning Richardson booking such a job, if Harper’s BAZAAR covers are any indication, it would result in much more compelling imagery. But more importantly, if the queen of fashion gave Richardson such a job, it would surely reignite conversation about the Change.org petition against him. It would be the icing on the controversy cake.

4. Dunham Would Likely Live-Tweet Her Entire Shoot
We’re all about Dunham’s Twitter — especially when she’s poking fun at the fashion industry on it. So, picturing her on an elaborate photo shoot wrapped in couture, with Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley at either side, seems like it would be ripe with reasons for the Girls star to unleash her self-deprecating humor in tweet form.

5. No Matter What Questions Are Thrown Her Way, Dunham Will Handle Them With Humor and Wit
If Wu’s predictions come to be, and the cover story is focused solely on her ‘real body’, we imagine that Dunham will take it with a grain of salt and have a lot of clever, yet profound retorts. Perhaps she’ll even put Vogue in its place.

So, yeah. Our fingers are crossed.

UPDATE: According to Page Six, Dunham will cover Vogue’s February issue, which will be devoted to Girls.

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