WATCH: Is It Possible That Willow Smith Is Too Cool?

Because we’re physically incapable of not posting something related to Willow Smith, we feel obligated to share this behind-the-scenes video of her Times of London photoshoot (which appears yet to be published). That said, while our love of the littlest Smith has until now remained untarnished, watching this clip has left us with a few mildly concerned thoughts.

Smith is adorable and spunky and in possession of a self-assuredness utterly foreign to our adult selves and, more importantly, to our 10-year-old selves who could barely pose for school photos without breaking into hives. But we, who’d love it if every girl in the world never felt insecure again, can’t help but wonder if there’s such a thing as too much confidence? Smith is a natural star — that’s obvious. There are some people who light up in front of cameras (and crowds of people) because that’s just who they are. But there’s a little, itty-bitty, helicopter parenty part of us that worries Smith’s early stardom will foster a disconnect between her and her peers and/or potential friends. Isn’t fame, at its heart, isolating?

But, it’s just a little behind-the-scenes video we’re talking about here — there’s no need to get so introspective, right? After all, Will and Jada seem like wonderfully competent parents. Jada is with her daughter at this very shoot (with their very adorable bulldog Mr. Rockefeller in tow.) And, more importantly, according to the January Vanity Fair / 60 Minutes poll, 25% of Americans would be willing to let the Pinkett-Smiths raise their children in the case of a freak accident — a ringing endorsement if we ever saw one!

We’re also well aware that our concern for Willow stems for whatever latent insecurities we may have (it’s called “projecting,” right?) and from the amount of wine and holiday food we’ve consumed over the last 3 days. (What? Turkey makes us a little emotional.)

So, here — enjoy Willow whipping her hair, freaking out about an 80s style, Zack Morris cellphone, and posing (happily, we think) for the cameras.


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