Willow Smith’s AMA Outfit Was A Designer Knockoff!

Yesterday we were loving Willow Smith‘s wacky AMA ensemble. The mini diva wore a grey romper, gloves and super slouchy boots, but it’s her yellow ruffled harness that’s causing quite a stir. Willow’s custom-made armpiece is actually a ripoff of a Mother of London design. And that makes us sad.

We’ve looked through pictures of Mother of London harnesses, and they bear more than a striking resemblance to Willow’s. (Also, they’re generally styled with nothing underneath, lending them a kinky S&M vibe.) It’s obviously not Willow’s fault — we seriously doubt the 10-year-old had seen the original design prior to walking the AMA red carpet — but the outfit’s knockoff status is undeniable.

Mother of London designer Mildred von Hildegard had this to say:

I’m disappointed and saddened that this will negatively impact my business. My original design is now recognized in the mass media as someone else’s work, and it’s very hurtful on both a personal and professional levels. I hope this can be resolved, and I wish nothing but the best to Willow.

Many are placing blame on Willow’s stylist Mariel Haenn. However, Mariel claims she didn’t work with Willow that night:

To be honest I have no idea who ‘styled’ her or the designer. Wish I did. I don’t ask my clients who they used when I’m not available.

While it’s unclear who made the copycat piece, it should be noted that finding clothes for Willow can’t be easy. The girl is the size of a 10-year-old (as she is in fact 10), and she has style for miles. We certainly don’t endorse ripping off other designers’ ideas, but we do wonder if a lack of tween-sized avant garde clothing was the impetus for the faux pas.

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