Willow Smith Loves Target, Reads Eat Pray Love

We know we’re obsessed, but we find even the most mundane facts about Willow Smith totally and utterly fascinating. Her interview in Teen Vogue‘s March issue provides a fair amount of material for us to dissect (not to mention awesome photos and a great behind-the-scenes video), so allow us to learn a little bit more about our favorite pint-sized fashionista.

1. She has a team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists she calls “her crew.” While this would be annoying to hear about any other 10-year-old, she’s all: “I wear anything I feel like. If I want to put on a pair of Converse with a pencil stuck through them, I will.” We really can’t argue with that.

2. Billy Idol is one of her style icons, and she doesn’t think Biebs is dreamy: “Justin’s like my big brother. I don’t have a crush on him.”

3. THIS: “If people don’t like you, then bunck them, you know?”

Other important things: in the video we posted below, she’s reading Eat Pray Love! Seriously. Also, she says she mostly shops at Target! We love us some Target, but that just can’t be right. Or can it? Either way, we dig that she wore most of her own clothes (like that crazy jumpsuit!) in the article’s accompanying photos. We’ve included the best shots below. You’re welcome.

[Teen Vogue]

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