Winona Ryder Cozies Up To James Franco In All Black

Ever since her teenaged turn in Mermaids, we’ve loved Winona Ryder emoting in all black. Lucky for us, she does that a lot. Pretty much all the time. Last night was no different, as the saucer-eyed starlet came to a New York screening of The Iceman in an all-black brocade number that flattered her diminutive frame. Not sure if it’s her oddly big, extra-dark brown eyes or the clinging to both male costars, James Franco and Michael Shannon, but we’re wondering if someone slipped a little something in Winona’s drink.

Apparent buzz or not, she makes all black work when, for so many of us, that particular monochromatic choice comes off as lazy or an attempt to hide. We especially like the notched neckline, and with the classic, pointy toed shoes, we almost feel like we could copy this look out of our closets. Aleksa Palladino, who you might recognize as from Boardwalk Empire, looked a bit drab in black on black. While Tammy Blanchard attempted to spice up her black ensemble by tossing on a white blazer, it looks like the may be the latest victim of a shirt gone sheer thanks to flashbulbs. Visible bra and blasé outfit aside, the 36-year-old Guiding Light star looks generally fresh-faced and great.

Check out the triad of ladies in black, Winona goofing around with the guys, and a couple of stars who deigned to hit the step and repeat in — gasp — splashes of springy colors, all in the gallery below. Then, find more morose Ryder dressing at the The Iceman premiere, a cheapie dress to steal her signature look, and, if you came for the Franco, here he is again on the Spring Breakers red carpet.

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