Still No Black Person Emoji, Footwear by Steve Madden x Juicy Couture, and Yoga Jeans Are Here

Unicode introduced 250 new emoticons that you’ll get when you update your system to the 7.0 version, but there’s still no emojis that look like black people. The new emojis are here to help you communicate in a single character any emotion imaginable that our little yellow people problems create. In our hopeless optimism, we could interpret this as proof that emotion and the lexicon of emojis have no skin color because they represent the universal feelings in each and every one of us. But it’s not a very subtle kind of racism when black people can’t see themselves for the moment they send the sad face and cancel on you even though their true emotion is that they’re grinning like crazy because there’s a Netflix marathon and they don’t want to help you pick a Facebook profile picture. It’s cool though. We’ll just send Unicode an unlimited amount of emojis with furrowed brows to express our prolonged disappointment and they’ll get the message. (SwaggerNY)

  • juicy-madden21 Juicy Couture and Steve Madden are teaming up for a shoe line. Jamie Salter, chairman and chief executive officer of Authentic Brands Group, which owns Juicy said, “we had multiple choices, but Steven Madden knows how to make fun shoes that are very on trend. They are not followers, but leaders in footwear. Juicy is the leader in fun product and Steve Madden knows how to hit that down the fairway.” A pair will start at $80 and the prices go up to $200. “Finally I can shop in one place for fashion-forward things,” said a non-follower in middle school. (WWD)
  • Athletic clothes will not stop wanting to be a part of your whole life, and like a true athlete, activewear is still giving it 100%. Joga Jeans for yoga, will be $78-$88. (Racked)
  • Mother nature’s giving people ideas for shoes. “The Catalina” looks like a deck shoe, but you can skate in it. It comes in turquoise and caramel, and it’s made of hemp and rubber. (Clash)
  • Andrej Pejic is headed under the sea to star in Sofia Coppola’s The Little Mermaid. (Fashionista)
  • See Bromantical expressions of love between the futball players of the World Cup. (TheCut)
  • Today in geek chic, Bill Gates is a style icon now. Screw Mark Zuckerberg’s zip-up, we need these ’70s frames. (GQ)
  • Working at Target is weird, and it’s not because of the Nicki Minaj clothes. (Gawker)
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