FIFA Ejects Women For Wearing Orange Dresses To World Cup

When it comes to the color orange we’ve always been of the opinion that what’s good enough for Hermes, is good enough for us. But apparently, this handy rule o’thumb might just get you kicked out of a World Cup game and thrown into a South African jail as it did for 36 pulpy ladies at a recent match. Missed the foul?

Apparently the whistle blowers over at FIFA (the tourney’s governing body) claim the citrus colored fans–garbed in support of team Holland–were involved in an illegal ambush marketing scheme for the Bavaria beer company. Of course, according to our Crayloa 64 big they’re more Tropicana than amber ale, regardless Fifa says their play was against the rules.

“A police van took us back to our hotel and they wanted my passport. They made a copy and said they would investigate. All of this for wearing an orange dress.” described one of the women. Orange you mad you didn’t wear banana?

Via The Gaurdian

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