WATCH: Is This The Most Depressing Fashion Show Ever?

So today we came across this, what is deemed “the worst fashion show, ever” by Vimeo user Rachel Timmins. Clearly, we were intrigued. Would there be falling models? Hideous styling? Pleather? Well, not quite. The video gives us a peek at a fashion show taking place in that depressing suburban mecca known as the shopping mall.

While the venue of choice for Stella Page and her handbags appears to be a mall food court in Baltimore, it reminds us of something just as familiar: a high school cafeteria. More specifically, the annual prom fashion show at our high school cafeteria. Every year at the end of April, the student government kids would host a fashion show at lunch (yes, Kelly Kapoor, a fashion show at lunch!), where “models” would awkwardly navigate their way around tables that were too close together in a tragic and fluorescently lit room while the disinterested masses poked at their reheated pizza and didn’t listen to the narration of the chatty emcee. So, yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Except, instead of ill-fitting tuxes and Lil’ Jon, the Baltimore models are dressed in all black as they walk to the oldies. “Happy Together” by the Turtles is actually a really, really great song. In the context of the Baltimore mall fashion show? It’s just depressing. What do you think? Does this video conjure up teenage suburban nightmares for you too? Or do you appreciate the effort to show off bags with magnetic closures and roomy interior pockets?

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