WTF: Transgender Women Attacked on Train While Audience Cheers


Despite the strides that Laverne Cox has made nationwide as a leader in the transgender movement, glimpses of the terrible crimes committed against the trans community continue to surface.

The most recent display of discrimination centers around two trans women who were attacked, stripped of their clothing, and beaten on a train in Atlanta as the rest of the car applauded. Disgusting. According to Channel 2 news:

The women told Young they were walking to the Five Points MARTA station when a group of men approached them and started yelling at them. They said the strangers followed them into the station and waited on the platform next to them while taking pictures. They said they believe the strangers targeted them because they are transgender.

A two-minute video of the attack shows a man first verbally attacking one of the victims, Janell Crosby, who said “I started going off on the guy taking the photos, and he said he was going to hit me and beat me up, and I said, ‘No, you’re not,’”[…] He kept on threatening me and he didn’t like certain things I said to him and he kicked me.”

As the spat began to escalate, one man lunged at the trans women, and began stripping them of their clothing, and their respect. Tyra Woods, the second victim stated, “It’s all over the internet and like, I’m naked […] I felt like since it was in a public transportation, we should’ve felt like we should’ve been secure.” The removal of these womens’ clothing seems symbolic: Show others what these trans women look like underneath their clothing in an attempt to degrade them. As Carmen Carrera recently told Katie Couric, as a society, we are unusually obsessed with what lies underneath the superficial, specifically where trans people are concerned. And the assailant’s disgraceful act illustrates the top model’s point. *UGH*

Upon leaving the train, the two women took their attacks directly to a MARTA police officer in the station, where they were met with #nophucks. Crosby stated, “I told one cop who was following us to the gate […] He acted like he didn’t want to hear from us. He didn’t write any statement or anything.”

Both Crosby and Woods have left Atlanta since the attacks, fearing for their safety in the south. We hope the women get justice for the attacks; MARTA officials are currently investigating the acts.

[Swagger New York]

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