WWD Turns 100 Years Old, Dusts Off First Issue

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Women’s Wear Daily, happy birthday to you…and many more.

Today marks Women’s Wear Daily 100th year of publication. And it’s difficult to imagine our world without the industry insider newspaper and online resource bringing us in-depth coverage of everything from fashion shows to retail stock quotes.

No doubt, like any centenarian, WWD has gone through a few nip tucks in its lifetime. While now considered a major publication, WWD’s first issue ran as a simple insert — aimed solely at men, of course — in the Daily Trade Record. A subscription to the print version of WWD now runs you $129 — a big jump from the daily rate of 1 cent in 1910. One thing has remained the same, however: WWD’s mission, which is perfectly summed up (although slightly sexistly) in the publication’s “Excuse For Being” in its first issue.

“It will be the aim of the publishers to present to its subscribers a succinct epitomization of the most important happenings and events occurring in the women’s wear industry. The scope of the publication will be to cover the factors between the mill and the merchant. There is probably no other line of human endeavor in which there is so much change as in the product that womankind wears. This brings about an enormous amount of traveling, and the result is that important men in all departments of women’s wear are scattered everywhere over the earth’s surface and lose track of events and happenings, which it will be our purpose to to try and chronicle as briefly as possible, so that these men can pick up and at a minimum of time and expense keep posted. A knowledge of what has transpired is most important, and Women’s Wear will aim to do this.”

For more images and facts about Women’s Wear Daily throughout the years, visit WWD.com.

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