WWD Critiques Psy: Rub His ‘Buddah Belly’ For Good Luck!

Women’s Wear Daily’s “Man of the Week” feature is typically a light-hearted look at the sartorial stylings of a particular male making headlines that news cycle. Subjects are graded, with short notes explaining the pros and cons of a particular look. Past examples include Ben Bernanke (A-: “collegeiate yet conversational”), Kim Jong-Un (C+: “resembles Blueberry Girl from Willy Wonka”), and Paul Ryan (C: “Boooring”). Today, WWD turned their critic’s eye to South Korean pop sensation Psy (of “Gangnam Style” fame), but we can’t help but think a few of their sharp-tongued lines crossed the line from critique to caricature.

WWD gives Psy a C+, lauding his trademark frames and “safety-pin shawl collar lapel”, while deriding his wing-tip shoes and buttoned bottom button. They also deem his hair gel “excessive” and argue that it makes him look like “a Korean doll”, which fits with their later qualm about his “Buddah belly” [sic], which one should obviously “rub for good luck”.

We’ve reached out to WWD for comment, but would the publication ever describe, say, Alec Baldwin’s paunch similarly? Our thought: Psy may have some problems in the style department, but he’s not some Asian tchochke. Barbed jokes are one thing — patronizing and stereotypical insults are another.

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