That Intern That Sued Hearst Is Now Suing Fenton Fallon

Working for free may not be ideal, but in this day and age, it’s become a pretty standard way for students and recent grads to get their feet in the door. But one girl isn’t having any of it.

Xuedan Wang made news this February when she sued the Hearst Corporation over an unpaid internship, claiming that she had worked full-time in the fashion closet for zero pay — which is fairly typical for a fashion internship. Now she’s filing a suit against Dana Lorenz‘s jewelry company Fenton Fallon over unpaid wages, the New York Post reports.

This time Wang is claiming that in her time as an intern for Lorenz, her duties ranged from purchasing materials to actually working on pieces of jewelry, all while holding the title of “press intern”. When she filed her lawsuit against Hearst, Wang tried to turn the case into a class action suit. There has been no word on whether any other former Hearst interns joined her or on the general status of the case since February.

The crux of Wang’s argument is that you can’t treat an intern like a salaried employee and not pay them. But if Wang didn’t want to work for free, why did she take these positions in the first place? Regardless, unpaid internships are certainly a hot-button issue. Condé Nast revised its internship policies around the same time that Wang filed her suit, presumably to avoid getting into a similar legal situation.


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