Yahoo Saves Community, the Emoji-Only Social Network, and Louis Vuitton Sued for Stockroom Racism

Your life with the Greendale crew is saved. Community has finally found a home with Yahoo. Now you’ll get closure and you’ll get to see Jeff really work out all his dad stuff in a massive bubble gun fight mocumentary that Abed designs. All your old friends (minus Don Glover who raps about the burbs) will be in Season 6 debuting on Yahoo Screen. It will be different though because you’ll be watching TV on the internet now. Here’s Yahoo’s self-congratulatory report:

Community has always been at its best when it’s gone supermeta, and Abed’s (Pudi) words of wall-breaking wisdom to Annie (Brie) in the Season 5 finale, “Basic Sandwich,” signaled to fans that Harmon and company wouldn’t give up the fight if NBC pulled the plug: “This show, Annie … it isn’t just their show. This is our show, and it’s not over.” And then he spouted something about asteroids destroying Greendale… so we’re happy that didn’t happen.


  • emojliEver feel like the hospital emoji says everything you can’t? Do you dream about “Drunk in Love” in the form of emojis? London-based techies Matt Gray and Tom Scott are also speaking your language, and their emoji-only social network called Emojli is coming soon. It will be spam-free, privacy invasion free, and word-free too. They’ve promised it will be available on iOs “very soon.” If you want to express feelings with smileys, now is your chance to bring your AIM screen name into the modern age. You can sign up for usernames before the launch here. (YahooTech)
  • No, racism isn’t just institutional. It’s alive and well. A Louis Vuitton retail manager allegedly went on a disgusting tirade in a stock room. He may or may not have told and employee that, ““black people are slaves who eat dirt off the floor.” The employee is suing, and the case is up at Central London Employment Tribunal on July 18th. (TheFashionLaw)
  • If regular BB cream wasn’t enough for you, here’s the rundown on BB cream for your legs. It’s scandalous. You’ll be tempted to show them now. (IntoTheGloss)
  • Marni revolutionized everything by putting pants on top of dresses for the girl who wants to look like she wore too much because of static cling. (HonestlyWTF)
  • When your bro is afraid that Bill Murray won’t be dropping by his bachelor party, he can turn to this guy — Wall Street’s bachelor party planner for private butlers, bungee jumping, strippers, and street-legal racing . (TheCut)
  • Surprise! Beyoncé is the most powerful celebrity according to Forbes. Bow down bitches. (Forbes)
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