Why You Can’t Buy eBay’s ‘You Can’t Fake Fashion’ Bags Anymore

Wondering why those awesome canvas tote bags eBay and the CFDA partnered on are already sold out? It’s because each of the 50 designer-edition totes was one-of-a-kind. So at $150 a pop, the collaboration has netted a whopping $7,500 for the CFDA’s fight against counterfeiting.

We get that every little bit helps, but in the grand scheme of things $7,500 is an itty bitty little bit of money. Last year, counterfeit goods represented a $600 billion chunk of the global economy, and that figure is expected to double by 2015. And while this particular initiative wouldn’t have stopped fake Birkins from showing up on street corners across the globe, it certainly could have put a bigger dent in the problem than $7,500 worth.

When we first wrote about the bags last week, we mentioned they were limited edition — we just didn’t know that each bag was being made in an edition of one. To be completely fair, eBay’s public relations team did tell us in an email that the bags would be one-of-a-kind, but we took that to mean that each of the designed bags were original creations from each designer involved with the project that wouldn’t be sold anywhere else. Because who actually makes things that are literally one-of-a-kind these days? Even the things Of A Kind sells are at least 10-of-a-kind.

And if the bags were completely unique to each designer, why wouldn’t eBay let people bid on them, instead of pricing them to move? In addition to that being the very foundation upon which eBay was founded, auctioning the bags would have raised more money.

Not that we’re complaining, or anything. After all, this campaign was devised to raise awareness about counterfeiting. And now, the only option you have left is to buy one of the $35 unadorned editions of the bags and try to imitate the bells and whistles your favorite designer put on theirs.

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