6 Things Zac Posen Could Learn From Martha Stewart

This week, Zac Posen became the luckiest boy in the world when he made the winning bid on an internship with Martha Stewart. The designer ponied up $3,500 to spend six weeks learning from the domestic diva at a charity gala for The Martha Stewart Center for Living at Mount Sinai Hospital. It’s a generous donation to a worthy organization, and we’re excited to see what Posen will learn — especially given he’s channeled his inner Martha before.

But after he won the internship, it seemed the world of possibilities available to him was a little overwhelming. He tweeted “I’m so happy that I won a 6 week internship with @marthastewart. Whatever will I learn?” While there are literally thousands of things Posen could learn from Martha (how to run an empire, how to live up to your own brand, how to deal with inmate drama), we have suggestions for a lesson plan.

1. Week One: Making fun things with feathers. Zac loves feathers, and Martha has no shortage of ways to turn them into really pretty stuff. What better method of getting to know each other than through exploring a mutual interest?

2. Week Two: Dealing with chickens. Martha is not only capable of making a chicken go to sleep, but we get the feeling that at some point while she lived at her Turkey Hill farm, she also killed, plucked, cleaned, seasoned and roasted more than a few birds to perfection. Clearly these are skills every fashion designer needs.

3. Week Three: The virtue of hot glue guns. Posen’s clothes might be well constructed, but if Project Runway has taught us anything, it’s that desperate pre-show times call for desperate pre-show measures. With a few tips on how to wield a glue gun from Martha, Posen would never have to worry about torn piece of crepe silk again!

4. Week Four: Diva tactics. Zac is, by all accounts, a super nice guy. Call us crazy, though, but we’d love to see his people scamper the way Martha’s do when she’s filming a show and the smell of acrid vinegar makes her sneeze.

5. Week Five: Keeping it real in the presence of great wealth, influence and acclaim. No matter who you are or what you want to be, everyone wants to be like Martha Stewart. Really — no one in her field, except maybe Oprah, can hold a candle to what she’s done. And that’s because she’s always been true to herself and honest about what she wants. And that’s a lesson every young person in every business needs to learn.

6. Week Six: How to be fabulous. Actually, that wouldn’t be a lesson, more like trading notes, really.

Zac Posen wins internship with Martha Stewart [Page Six]

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