Ben Stiller Brings Back Derek Zoolander On Saturday Night Live

Zoolander is back! Zoolander is back! And we didn’t even have to wait for the much-anticipated sequel to come out! Ben Stiller brought back Derek Zoolander on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and he’s just like we remember.

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Zoolander appeared with Stefon on SNL‘s Weekend Update, discussing his plot to reenter the New York nightlife scene after a decade-long hiatus by throwing a swanky Halloween party. These are the important things we gleaned from his appearance:

1. New York’s hottest new neighborhood is “SoWoHoNoBoHeWo”, which stands for “South of West Houston, Below Lower Hoboken…whoa”. (Not to be neighborhood abbreviation snobs, but that should totally be “SoWeHoBeLoHoboWo”. And yes, as Seth Meyers explains, that is in the middle of the Hudson.)

2. Zoolander has moved on from illegal drug-fueled orgies: “You don’t need illegal drugs to have a good time, there’s plenty of good prescription drugs.”

3. He still wants to hang out with his old pal John Galliano because “we’ve all accidentally praised Rudolf Hitler on TV”.

4. Forget Blue Steel, he has a new look! It’s called Cold Coffee.

5. While he used to be concerned with literacy, he is now taking on childhood obesity with the Derek Zoolander Foundation for Fat Kids Who Are Fat But Not In A Cute Way Like That Fat Kid On Modern Family.

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There’s no word on the sequel release date, but this should satisfy you for the time being:

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