Chatting With Karlie & Lindsey Backstage At Anna Sui

Sometimes fashion shows can feel like a quick hit high, a cheap thrill. You wait about 30 minutes for a show to start, and then you watch models parade down the catwalk for 10, and then it’s over. That’s it. But getting to see all the action that goes on behind-the-scenes makes a show that much sweeter (and makes you appreciate it that much more).

Yesterday we went backstage before the Anna Sui show, and there was almost too much awesome to handle. Tables and tables of products had our cosmetic-loving hearts all aflutter. And makeup goddess Pat McGrath was orchestrating the madness! (By the way, she has a ridiculously commanding presence and a great British accent.) Anna herself made the rounds, greeting all of the models personally. But these weren’t just any models, these were the models. We’re talking big, boldfaced, of-the-moment one-namers: Arizona, Coco, Daphne. We just had to muster up the nerve to talk to these intimidatingly beautiful girls.

We spotted Lindsey Wixson out of the corner of our eye (we would recognize that mouth anywhere), and made a beeline. She was listening to her iPod when we asked her if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions while she got done up for the show. She said of course (!), and politely asked her makeup artist if it was cool. Naturally, we were dying to know what she was listening to. (In case you’re curious, the answer was “Coldplay right now, but I was listening to the Black Keys and White Stripes earlier.”)

She told us she’s walked in about 10 shows (an average of one or two a day) this season, and that she takes the stress in stride: “It’s all a job, you know? Some days are better than others.”¬†When we asked if she was walking in any of the London shows, she told us she had to go home for exams, but would definitely be walking in Paris. And then we remembered… of course she is! Because she’s 16! And a super professional, composed 16-year-old, at that.

And then we saw Karlie Kloss. Allow me to step out of the Styleite “Royal We” for a moment. I’ve been wanting to meet Karlie for a long time. No, it’s not just because she’s modeled for everyone (and we mean everyone). It’s because she’s from my hometown of St. Louis, and there really is no bond like a St. Louis bond. I introduced myself, told her I was from the Lou and we became instant Midwestern best friends. Well, not quite.

But her eyes brightened and we chatted about being cheerleaders for rival high schools (Go Colts!), Ted Drewes (the inspiration for Shake Shack‘s frozen custard, courtesy of fellow St. Louisian Danny Meyer) and Imo’s Pizza (“Most people think it’s so gross,” she said of the processed cheese-covered pies. “But I think it’s amazing!” I clearly agree.).¬†Before I could ask Karlie any capital-F Fashion questions, she was whisked away, but not before telling me we should grab Ted Drewes next time I’m in town. Best moment of Fashion Week? You bet.

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