Carcass Couture? Designer Makes Hats From Roadkill

Hold onto your lunches, folks, because nothing says tasteful like some good old-fashioned taxidermy. And what could be more appetizing than hats made out of roadkill? Okay, so it’s not completely revolutionary — there’s definitely some coon-skinning, backwoods Southerners who long ago perfected the art. But as opposed to those tire-tracked toppers, Scottish milliner James Faulkner says his designer dead heads skew a little more towards the¬†high-end. Think avant-garde creations that feature feathers or fur from foxes, magpies, rabbits, wood pigeons, pheasants, mallards, crows and peacocks as the centerpiece.

And why, you ask, would someone think to transform that which hath been runneth over into carcass couture? A wedding present, of course! Because if you can’t have something borrowed or blue on your wedding day, you might as well turn a bright shade of green. So far Faulkner has only been making them for friends of friends, but he says demand is quickly livening up — which means he’ll have to start plucking and skinning like crazy to keep pace.

It’s all a bit macabre for us (cue the Adams Family theme song). But if you’re the sort who wouldn’t be caught dead in something that was once alive, this might just be your shot to finally don a little plumage without feeling a pang of remorse — after all, it was already dead. Now who’s ready for some leftovers?

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