Elle And Glamour’s Editors-In-Chief Enjoy A ‘Friendly Rivalry’

Don’t believe the hype: fashion editors sitting in the front rows at major runway presentations aren’t out to get each other. Elle’s Robbie Myers and Glamour’s Cindi Leive told us last night at the Tommy Hilfiger show that their interactions are generally quite pleasant.

“I’ve never seen Cindi’s knife,” Myers said with a laugh. Grinning, Leive said she “would not say our claws are sharpened for each other.”

And maybe that’s because Elle and Glamour service different kinds of fashion-loving women. Myers said the Elle girl is “a fashion girl, for sure … but she’s not a slave to trends.” Leive’s reader, on the other hand, is “just looking for something to make her feel good when she gets up in the morning.”

Both women have worked their way through the muck and mire of the publishing business — Myers started as an editorial assistant at Rolling Stone and hopped from there to Interview and made stops at every publication from Seventeen to InStyle to the now-defunct Mirabella before taking over Elle in 2000. Leive, on the other hand, spent most of her career at Glamour before doing a short stint as the head of Self magazine. She came back to Glamour as editor-in-chief in 2001.

So, basically, these women have been sitting in the front row of fashion shows together since they both became editors of big fashion books. And while their coverage and approach to fashion week might differ, there’s one thing they agree on.

“Why don’t they put the shows in the same place?” Myers said. “I wish the shows were all in the same place.”

“And we sit around and wait,” Leive chimed.

So no more late shows, then?

“Well, sure. We love fashion,” Myers said. “I have other things I have to do, too. It’s a pretty big operation.”

“I think if you go to one or two shows then you want the time before and after to schmooze, but if you’re going to dozens and dozens and dozens, you just want them to happen,” Leive said. “Like, you gotta get back to the office.”


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