4 People Fainted At Dolce & Gabbana’s Debut Couture Show

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have been known to transport their audiences back in time with their collections, whether to Baroque Sicily or to the Italian seaside of the nineteen fifties. For their highly-anticipated couture debut, however, they seem to have transported some attendees back to the era in which swooning was a common practice.

According to the Telegraph, one of the very, very few media outlets invited to the show, no fewer than four people fainted over the course of the 36-hour festivities. The phenomenon began Sunday in the atelier, when two of the 35 tailors keeled over from the overwhelming heat. Later in the evening, after the guests had arrived “via a fleet of black Mercedes” to the small, coastal town of Taormina where the show was held, a fashion editor likewise crumpled to the floor (“elegantly”, the paper is quick to note), though luckily a costumed doctor was on hand to prescribe her a hefty dose of ice cream. Finally, a “multimillionaire” couture client collapsed on the beach Monday and similarly made a full recovery, though no word on whether or not gelato was involved.

Despite the apparent calamities associate with attending couture shows held in the humid, heady days of summer, clients reportedly snapped up the extravagant wares:

One Russian buyer, unable to attend, ordered several of the 73 dresses – each costing tens of thousands of pounds – on the basis of photos sent by email. The Chinese – despite many missing the show because they were having their make-up done – also proved enthusiastic, as did a Qatari woman who finds it convenient to acquire couture 10 dresses at a time.

Would this be the same Qatari woman that may be involved in purchasing the whole Valentino corporation? Talk about convenience!

[The Telegraph]

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