Minimalism At Its Gender-Bending Best

Fathers, brothers, and boyfriends have wisely learned to guard their closets when a lady friend enters their beloved bedroom. Blazers, t-shirts, and the odd pair of jeans seem to always go missing when us sneaky scroungers come a-knockin’. Avid androgynous dressers know the best finds are just in the room across the hall. The button-downs beckon, begging for a revival with a pair of cut-offs, and washed sweats whisper to us, echoing Alexander Wang’s name.

But with maturation belonging to next fall’s trends, how can we address the comfy casual closet situation we’ve picked and secretly snagged our way into? How do we put our most sophisticated step forward in our dad’s old long johns? Don’t fear, this doesn’t mean grabbing your closest power suit, teasing your hair and calling it a day. Instead, by using these different garments, you can create a masculine minimalism that looks chic, avant-garde, and ultimately exudes femininity rather than erasing it.

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoere twisted an enchanting tale on the construction and lifecycle belonging to their pieces for Viktor and Rolf’s Fall 2010 show. Here, they gracefully dressed their models in segments of an entire look. In addition to suggesting marketable possibilities for the typically directional line, they also quietly advocated the re-use of one’s own pieces that already exist in our wardrobes. Oversized coats layered and belted look not only modern but are easy to translate for the budgeting folk. Simply grabbing your dad’s overcoat and throwing on your own winter staple –- maybe even upside down -– simply screams V&R.

Over at Rad Hourani, the Canuck showed a unisex collection that will leave boys and girls playing Red Rover, send those leather pants on over. Beautifully constructed outerwear and multi-dimensional functional garments are effortlessly executed in the androgynous arena. Play with your brother or boyfriend’s hoodie and try zipping, tying, and tucking to create innovative funnel necks and add a progressive update to jersey basics.

Greeted by an eagerly awaiting audience, Phoebe Philo for Celine bestowed a vision of minimalism for every occasion. With her meticulously tailored blouses and trim jackets paired with trousers cropped above the ankle, the statement of the collection was simple and powerful. Intelligent knitwear and leather combinations polished off the already impeccable show. Through her use of key masculine pieces, the femininity of her pencil skirts and leather shirts were fiercely flirtatious. Although pouring oneself into a constricting top may not be appealing to some, borrowing a little brother’s old coat or being comfortably cozy in dad’s fisherman sweater with hemmed sleeves is more than alluring.

In a time of fleeting and ever fluctuating trends, using pieces that lend themselves to a multitude of looks is absolutely essential. Through using fundamental and minimal garments, progressive styling is straightforward. So go ahead and army-roll across the hall and see what staples you can swipe this time.

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