Intern Horror Story: Proenza Sends Girl Over Atlantic To Pick Up Fabric

Fashion Week starts in less than two days, and designers are totally freaking out. If Hurricane Irene didn’t set them back, material shortages have. And some are going pretty great lengths to make sure their runway shows go off without a hitch.

Material shortages have driven costs way up, plus there are fewer mills, dyers, and finishers who can actually handle the materials. This is causing some big problems! Cathy Horyn investigated all the craziness for an On The Runway post today, chatting with the likes of Prabal Gurung and Narciso Rodriguez. By far the most ridiculous bit of knowledge Horyn dropped was this: the Proenza Schouler boys sent an intern to Italy to pick up fabric.

“She thought it was so glamorous to fly to Italy,” Mr. Hernandez said. But she wasn’t going to be leaving the airport. As soon as she landed, someone would hand her the package of fabric, and she would board a plane back to New York.

Um, that is NUTS. Like a full-on intern horror story. (And we doubt they flew her first class.) We’re also sad to have learned, via Horyn’s post, that Ralph Rucci has a thing for Comic Sans. Sad face.

[On The Runway]

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