5 Designers We’d Love To Have As Our BFFs

Maybe it’s the general (and overstated) stigma of snobbishness surrounding the fashion industry, maybe it’s how fiercely guarded most people tend to be with their private lives. But for some reason, fashion designers are largely regarded as a class of unapproachable aesthetes who would spit on your shoes as soon as look at you. And that is simply not the case. Designers are people, too, after all. And while we’re sure that, just like among the general population, there are designers who we’d want to avoid, there are also five designers who we’d absolutely kill to hang with.

Alexander Wang

For someone who’s had a lot of success in a short amount of space (CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, the Swiss Textiles Award, and official winner of our hearts), Alexander Wang is still refreshingly down to earth. We could have just as much fun having a hot dog with him as we would if we were front row at one of his runway presentations.

Tracy Reese

If she’s anything like her refreshingly modern and feminine clothing, Tracy Reese sounds like our kind of lady. And with all her hard work and experience, there’s got to be tons she could teach us. We feel like she could teach us why the fork goes on the left, make a killer martini and critique our wardrobe in ten minutes without breaking a sweat.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is fun personified. Her clothes are always a bracing departure from studied, serious fashion — but you can tell from their construction and presentation that she takes them very seriously. We’re betting that she takes her fun very seriously, too, and just hearing about her nights out would be a good time.

Michael Kors

We want to go to dinner with Michael Kors. Not because he could get a table absolutely anywhere, and not because he could tell us outrageous stories about Heidi Klum. But because we’re sure he could keep us in stitches all night long without ever mentioning fashion. The man’s personality is too big for him not to have an amazing life outside of fashion, and that’s a side of him we’d love to see.

Vera Wang

We want to be friends with Vera Wang because we want her life! She was Vogue‘s youngest fashion editor before supervising several successful accessories collections for Ralph Lauren, then she created her own wedding dress — and then a line of wedding dresses — when she couldn’t find one interesting enough for herself. She’s touched fashion at all of its many edges, and who could ask for a better mentor than that?

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