The Fur-volution Of Fall 2010

Fur has infiltrated the collections of almost every major designer this Pre Fall and Fall 2010 season; whether you choose to dress in Chanel, Dior, Carolina or Yves, you have the potential to look like a full blown bear; an haut de gamme designer bear, that is.

Chanel’s FW10 collection (or, as I like to call it, Karl Lagerfeld for Chewbacca) displayed faux furry trousers, amplifying the size of Freja’s thighs x2, scruffy dog-like fur boots, massive fluffy onesie’s and even fur-embroidered capes. Real or faux, Lagerfeld repped fur in almost every look stomping down the runway.

Balenciaga, in limbo with Chanel’s less than form fitting furs, showed fox detailing around the waist, creating a bulbous panda-like stomach on Paris’ top runway models.

Gianfranco Ferré showed a knee length skirt made entirely of Muskrat, rendering your bottom side to uncharted proportions.

Louis Vuitton, also in the running for “the most unusual use of fur award”, showed a mink polka-dotted dress.

Hermes and Yves played around with fur laiden accessories, like dangling rabbit tail belts and even a few “climbing friendly” fur harnesses.

In this recession where one hesitates to buy those organic tomatoes at $0.30 more per pound, where will we find a place in the market for this extravagant use of fur? Is this the death of the modest fur collar? The once daring full-length mink coat has been challenged by, believe it or not, a medley of real and faux in the form of outlandish accessories and total fur looks. The longstanding controversy surrounding the use of real fur has typically inspired designers to use it modestly, and merely as a means of utility to keep warm. Safe shapes and non-architectural forms have, until this season, dominated the use of fur in design. Now we are seeing fur (real or faux), at its full creative capacity.

Within the constraints of this fur-volution lies the ever present notion of the fur hierarchy; which is chicer: real or faux? Where real fur reigns king in the luxury market place, faux is making headway as a potable alternative. The “reverse-trickle” is taking effect, where real fur trickled into the mass market as faux fur, and now the alternative faux fur trickles back into the luxury market as a glorified trend. For the first time in luxury market history, we see real and faux sitting side by side as sisters. No longer will faux hibernate quietly in the collections of Stella McCartney and few other luxury vegans; the fur-volution has commenced.

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