PHOTOS: Marc Jacobs Goes Bright, Bold, And Back In Time

Marc Jacobs is the proud owner of the hottest ticket at New York Fashion Week. (Which is why we didn’t get one, but that’s neither here nor there.) Last season, Jacobs banned celebrities — which means that even having a bold-faced name (unless said name happens to be employed by a bold-faced fashion publication) is not going to get you in the door.

But that’s okay! Because thankfully, Jacobs — whose business partner runs the company’s @MarcJacobsInt Twitter — has not banned photographers, which means we get to look at all the pretty clothing from the comfort of our pajamas. (That said, we’re not discounting the actual experience. For a full account of what it’s like to see a Marc Jacobs show live, in person, and for the first time, check out Anya Strzemien of HuffPost Style’s recap here. Hint: it involves Brad Goreski and a serious case of the shakes.)

Anyway! The clothing. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve abandoned our short Flash Fashion review format for Jacobs because, well, five photos wouldn’t do this collection justice and because we simply couldn’t choose. The rich, sumptuous colors were a luxurious choice for spring — especially when compared with the now anemic-seeming whites and pastels shown by almost everyone else.

Jacobs’ collection was both an homage and a reinvention of the ’70s, with a little meander through the 1920s, a circular detour which made sense particularly in the context of his set design — the models walked a round runway which wrapped around a gold Richard Serra-esque monument from which they both emerged from and returned to in groups.

The cultural references in his collection are clear, defined, and welcome: Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver, Bianca Jagger, and — as Mediaite’s Glynnis MacNicol put it — “Anjelica Huston in the Jack Nicholson years.”

There were a few strange notes — the lone black, tea-length dress and the Missoni-esque, nipple-highlighting bodysuit come to mind — but overall, Jacobs hit the easy-to-miss mark of creating a collection that’s as wearable (translation: sellable) as it is innovative.

We know this collection was intended for Spring, but we’re so inspired that we can’t wait to spend winter as pale as can be, sipping full-bodied red wines that match both our lipsticks and our jewel-toned ensembles.

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