McDonald’s Uniforms As Reinterpreted By The Fall Runway Shows

Fast food uniforms aren’t known for being the most fashion-forward, but who says that has to be the case?

In Britain, McDonald’s employees will be getting new unis made by Hemingway Design. The purpose of this redesign isn’t necessarily to up to the style factor, but to create outfits that can be upcycled. (Upcycling is a better kind of recycling, in which old products are broken down inro raw materials which are then used to remake new versions of the old products, all while maximizing quality and minimizing waste.) This green pilot program could mean that uniform changes will come to the States soon. Exciting!

We’re into this upcycling idea, but allow us to consider what the uniforms could look like if a high fashion designer were given creative control. The current McD’s apparel situation strays pretty far from the yellow and red color scheme we associate with the brand. Bring back the primary shades, we say! Draw inspiration from Ronald McDonald himself! Own it!

Lucky for us, we don’t have to stretch our imaginations too far — our favorite fall runways were full of awesome reds and yellows. As such, let’s contemplate a world where burgers are served with a bit Burberry.

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