10 Dresses to Exacerbate Your Sudden-Onset Mermaid Madness

Not too long ago, everyone was obsessing over whether Sofia Coppola’s live-action adaption of The Little Mermaid would adhere to the Hans Christian Andersen, walking-on-knives version that ends with the titular character — spoiler alert — eventually dissolving into foam. Then the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live featured an Anna Kendrick sketch that parodied the sugary Disney classic parodying Iggy Azalea parodying Clueless.

“One day you’re in, the next day you’re out” applies to both the affections of fickle princes and pop culture, so we thought we’d prolong the current mermaid-mad mood with some frocks that recall Ariel in shape, diaphanousness, or feeling.

Enjoy the moment while it’s yours, marine maidens. Fishtailed sad sacks will inevitably go the way of the pinky ring and the cat sweater, and then it’s on to the next mythical creature. Our money’s on the gryphon.

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