MFW: Moschino Gets Literal, Puts Model in Paper Bag

“She’d look great in a burlap sack” is something we’re only used to hearing facetiously; trust Moschino to turn a complimentary turn of phrase into a runway reality that does, actually, look rather … compelling.

If you think about it, sending a model out clothed in an on-brand look you just had to unfold is not a bad move at all, considering the hours upon hours that sequined question-mark sheath must’ve required. And it also makes a subversive statement (or something) about consumerism and the exclusivity of even getting to own a designer shopping bag, i.e., you have to buy something far more expensive to have the outside cover, which you would then presumably convert into a just-above-the-knee halter dress.

We could also bring up the Duchampian treatment of the readymade, but really, it all comes down to Moschino-ian (?) nonchalance and playfulness — just see how the model hammed it up for her turn in front of all the self-proclaimed fashion victims.

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