Burning Calories With Brad Goreski At Michael Kors

Because coffee has no effect on us whatsoever anymore, we were ecstatic to start our day off with Michael Kors, whose shows are always energetic, effervescent, full of supermodels, celebs, and enough looks to keep us totally sartorially sated for the rest of the day. And to top all that off, we chatted with Brad Goreski, walked into Anna Dello Russo, and witnessed Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones cause the most intense photographer frenzy we’ve ever seen.

While looking for our seat (yes, a seat! yay!), we spotted Brad sitting quietly in the second row. Since last time we saw him, we accidentally grabbed his butt, we thought we’d lead with just some polite questions. He was still high off Rodarte’s show from yesterday, which he thought had the best hair and makeup of the season, “beautiful” clothes, and plenty of “good separates” — a stylist’s answer if we’ve ever heard one. And since the only bit of news we could remember seeing today involved royal wedding barf bags, we asked him if he was excited for Prince William’s impending nuptials. “Kiiiiiiind of,” he answered, looking a little confused as to how we went from Rodarte to Kate Middleton. Sorry, that’s just how our brain works.

Thankfully, he saved us by magically segueing into the VMan party last night, where apparently money rained from the sky and people cooler than us drank and danced in the presence of Kanye West. Goreski, always svelte, said he didn’t leave the bash any richer, but he “did burn a few kcals on the dance floor.”

And then off we were to attempt to interview Emma Roberts, who was sitting prettily in the front row, squashed between Debra Messing and one of the Richards sisters. While her publicist told us no questions, we can tell you that Roberts was full of compliments. First she told Angie Harmon (who was a few seats down) that she should have gotten best dressed at the SAG Awards –sorry, Emma, but we politely disagree — then she complimented Messing on her oversized cocktail ring. And then we were rudely interrupted by the arrival of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose appearance caused all photographers to abandon the Roberts’ section in a pseudo-violent eruption. Some publicists tried in vain to institute an inexplicable “no photos of Catherine” rule and we gave up, found ourselves jammed up against Anna Dello Russo (with gold cherries on her head) and went to our seat.

And now, the clothes! Oh so many, many clothes. There were at least seven (male and female) models walking on the runway at any given point and the looks varied from sparkly gowns to camel coats to minimalist separates in primary colors. It was quintessentially Kors, and we loved it.

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