Male Model David Chiang Wants To Walk For Victoria’s Secret

Sometimes male models get stereotyped as this really pretty group of bros who do nothing but smile and lip sync, but that’s just not true. Case in point: David Chiang, a relatively new model, decided that he would finish his education before getting into the business, even though he’s been getting offers to do work since he was 13 years old.

The Cut found out that Chiang decided to go to college first, then model (which, honestly, is a pretty good plan.) While he’s waiting in the wings to become an elementary school teacher, he travels all over the world walking in shows for everyone from Alexander McQueen to Emporio Armani. Backstage at a Dior show, Karl Lagerfeld told him that he was a very beautiful Chinese girl. And that might come in handy for his ultimate modeling goal, walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Excerpts from Chiang’s Q&A, below:

Tell us something random.
My dream is Victoria’s Secret. I’m working on it. I really want big wings. Not the small wings, but Tyra wings. Not Heidi’s wings because they look heavy, but Gisele’s wings would do, too.

What does your family make of your success?
My mom was really against it at first. She told me being a model was like being a homeless bum on the street, so at the beginning it was really hard. But I convinced by mom that my agency was serious about my career. My mom is now really happy about my career because she sees me on TV and reads my interviews. She watches a lot of Chinese channels so she’s up on it now

Lastly, where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself as the next Linda Evangelista. I don’t wake up for less than $10,000.

You can read the rest of Chiang’s interview here.

Meet the New Guy: Karl Lagerfeld Told David Chiang He Was a ‘Really Beautiful Chinese Girl’ [The Cut]

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