Press Skewers Nicola Formichetti’s Trendless, Beige Mugler Show

He may be one of the nicest people we’ve ever sat on a stoop and smoked with, but being friendly hasn’t made Nicola Formichetti an acclaimed designer. In fact, his Mugler women’s show in Paris yesterday has gotten some of the most lackluster reviews we’ve seen all fashion month.

And that’s probably because the show was so much of a departure than the last few of Formichetti’s exciting runwways — the clothes this time were beige, beige, beige, accented with a little sparkle here and really small (and we do mean small) pops of color here and there. After Lady Gaga started the show with a video message warning people “don’t f*ck with Mugler,” Formichetti his design partner Sebastien Peigne sent out the same undulating seams we’re used to, and there were even a few strong shouldered jackets that had suggestive cutouts. But the people who saw the show were not appeased.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Christina Binkley tweeted that she’d “rarely seen so many pissed off people rush out of a fashion show,” and that there were “no trends there.” Other critics explain all the taupe — and the lack of trends — with the sentiment that Formichetti’s backers want him to make clothes that will sell, not just satisfy the multitudes of people who watch the Mugler livestream or follow its creators on Tumblr. The Daily Telegraph‘s Luke Leitch called the beige “the most telling detail. It suggested that Mugler is looking for customers as well as online rubberneckers. Whether he can keep both groups interested, however, is the challenge.”

Can he? Maybe he’s using those online eyes as a metric for how many other people — you know, people who can afford the stuff he makes — will actually buy it. Quoth Nicole Phelps of

“If Mugler’s 169,538 (and counting) Facebook likes are any indication, plenty of other plugged-in people are paying attention. That’s probably good enough for the Mugler owners for now.”

Is it good enough for you? Take a look at a Gaga’s greeting and a few pieces of the collection below, and tell us what you think.

<a href=';from=&#038;vid=d004a51f-ab7b-537d-ec34-a21444f7389b' target='_new' title='Lady Gaga at Mugler Paris fashion show' >Video: Lady Gaga at Mugler Paris fashion show</a>

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