Old Models Are The New Black? Check Your Math

Sure, they can deliver the news, but when it comes to trend forecasting the Associated Press should just keep it’s day job. Consider their latest mirror ball prediction: “Old models are the new black.” Well, if the trite headline didn’t tip you off to the fact that they’ve completely missed the mark — consider what lies beneath the fold.

“More mature models,” they astutely observe. “Some even in their 40s — were stars at the previews of fall styles. And in the fashion world, that’s a radical turn from the use of models not old enough to drive a car, let alone wield a credit card.”

Radical turn? Really. Moreover they suggest that the move to cast old models is evidence of a part of a trickle-down trend that points to a changing tide in the industry and an increased effort to make itself more relatable to its consumers. Pardon us while we break out our calculators and do a little good old fashioned math.

We’ll give them that Calvin Klein’s creative director Francisco Costa tapped over-40 stunner Kristen McMenamy to walk and Marc featured a few throwbacks in his fall shows — namely Elle Macpherson at Louis Vuitton. But one plus one… Well, we’re not sure that adds up to a whole lot of anything besides a token grande-dame swimming in a sea of 18-year olds.

Not that we don’t love to relive the early 90’s glory days as much as they next girl that spent five plus hours frothing over the Met’s “Model as Muse” exhibit. But the idea of an industry wide shift seems a bit overdone, no?

In fact, we’d be willing to bet a pretty penny that if we checked the latest agency Feed O’ Fresh Faces there is nary an over-40 in (or for that matter, an over 25) in sight. After all, for all this talk of embracing the old, fashion is an industry that lives, breathes and thrives on newness. Sure, things always have a way of coming back (see: shoulder pads and leggings). But within a season it’s gone, and replaced by the next.

So, hats off to Kristen to booking a great gig, and save the “X is the new Black Proclamations” for well, next season.

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