PHOTOS: 6 Of Fashion’s Most Liberating Movements

On the anniversary of American history’s finest milestone, we can’t help but remind ourselves of a privilege — context depending, of course — we often take for granted: freedom. While we sip our Diet Cokes, listen to our players, and write fashion-related pieces for this very site, we are walking the beaten path of fashion’s history of freedom.

It wasn’t until Johannes Guttenberg’s printing press and the transportation of information that the concept of clothing shifted from bare necessity to an outlet of expression. In the era of Modern Europe and the Rennaisance, the average citizen wised up and sought to blur class boundaries by embracing personal style. Eventually, women all over the world challenged society norms by loosening up their corsets, letting their breasts be free, and publicly diving into the thrills of androgyny by raiding the closets of their male counterparts.

As a result, it would be blasphemy for us to not shine a spotlight on these milestones — because without them, we’d still be sequestered by class and gender constraints.

[front image via Harper’s Bazaar]

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